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The Chair Hans Wegner Style Arm Chair

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This chair is a design icon of the sixties. In fact, it’s more famous and more recognisable than a lot of the famous people from that era…

Hans Wegner's 'The Chair' was designed in 1949, but really shot to fame in 1961 when it was used in a televised debate between presidential candidates Nixon and Kennedy. But never mind the history, what a chair! It’s a great example of Wegner’s aim of “continuous purification”. That means he kept stripping away the unnecessary frills to leave the purest elements of “four legs, a seat and a combined top rest and armrest.” Made with ash wood, our faithful reproduction of The Chair looks beautiful stripped down to its purest state. A modern day classic.


The Chair is made using ash wooden frame
The seat pad is made from high quality faux black leather

Measurements (height, width, depth)

76.6 x 63 x 53 cm