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Hanging Bubble Eero Style Chair

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£679.99 - £679.99
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Eero Aarnio's remarkable Bubble Chair is one of the most brilliant designs of all time. Not just because it’s so beautiful, but because as soon as you see it, you want to get in it. And surely there’s no better testament to good design than that. Because it’s such a fun piece, our faithful reproduction of the Bubble Chair can even change the way you relax – get in your chair and chill your way.


The Bubble chair is made from heat moulded acrylic
It comes with two (seat & back) fabric cushions & a three metre chain and two snap hooks

Measurements (height, width, depth)

108 x 103 x 108 cm

*Important - Always hang on strengthened areas of ceiling such as a beam or joist. The maximum weight is 125kg. You will need to fit a ceiling hook in order to hang this chair, we recommend hooks for hammocks or beams