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Kubus Hoffmann Style Leather 3 Seat Sofa

Original price £999.99 - Original price £999.99
Original price
£999.99 - £999.99
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Available in your choice of black, brown or white leather, this faithful reproduction of the Hoffman Kubus 3 Seat Sofa is all about design and comfort. Even though the original design dates way back to the birth of the twentieth century, there’s a fresh, modern feel to this, helped by its perfectly streamlined frame. Those big, softly upholstered seats mean you’re going to get a lot of comfort (and a lot of sofa) for your money.

The Kubus range includes Arm Chair, 2 seat 'Loveseat' and 3 seat full sofa.


The Kubus sofa is made entirely of full Italian leather throughout

Measurements (height, width, depth)

76 x 218 x 82 cm