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LC2 Petit Le Corbusier Style 2 Seat Sofa

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£599.99 - £599.99
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Le Corbusier’s Love Seat Sofa is easy to fall in love with. Built for two and made for serious levels of comfort, this could just be the ultimate his and hers sofa. But the design is so good, and so versatile, it’s used in offices, conservatories, reception areas and everywhere where comfort and great design are pre requisites.

The Corbusier LC2 Petit range includes the Arm Chair, 2 and 3 Seat Sofas and Corner Sofa. A larger 'grand comfort' range is also available.


Highly polished stainless steel frame

Full grain Italian Leather throughout

Measurements (height, width, depth)

70 x 130 x 70 cm