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Ball Eero Aarnio Style Lounge Chair

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If you’ve been doing the rounds, looking for furniture, you’ll have seen an awful lot of boring stuff! It’s almost as if the design revolution of the fifties and sixties never happened! But, fortunately, the trailblazing designs of Eero Aarnio are still going strong. Our faithful reproductions of the iconic (and totally groovy) ball chairs still pack that stop-you-in-your-tracks impact. Just as importantly, the softly padded interior and smooth-weave fabric make them a joy to sit, curl and hide in! We’ve got various colour combinations for you to choose from.


The Ball Chair is made from a glossy laminate fibreglass shell, UK foam and weave wool interior fabric.

The Ball chair contains a bearing swivel system for ease of turning

Measures (Height, Width, Depth)

97 x 116 x 91.5 cm

Please ensure your doorway measures at least 92cm to gain entry