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Coconut Nelson Style Leather Arm Chair

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The unique shape of the chair is inspired by a broken piece of a coconut shell. The seat is then set upon three shiny chrome legs. The main seat of the chair is expertly crafted from molded from high-grade fiberglass. This gives the chair strength and durability. Lining the fiberglass base is over three feet of cushioning wrapped in high-grade Italian leather. Choose from either black or a beautiful chocolate brown leather color.

The thin legs are made of polished chrome steel. The two shorter legs in the front support you front underneath. The third leg supports the chair from the back center. This allows you to lean back with confidence in this uniquely shaped, curved triangle chair.

The Coconut chair is made with a stainless steel fram, fiberglass shell and full Italian Leather

Measurements (height, Width, Depth)
93 x 101 x 82 cm