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Cashmere Jacobsen Style Egg Chair

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Do you have an eye for funky pieces but a desire for quality? Check out the Jacobsen Style Egg Chair in Cashmere. Inspired by the famous designs of Arne Jacobsen, this egg chair is more than a fun retro splash of color for your living room. The chair was designed with quality and comfort in mind. More than just a cool shape, the goal was to create a chair that hugs your body's curves in an enveloping style. The result is a stylish throwback chair available in ten colors. Add a splash of retro color to your room or office that also provides luxurious seating for you or a guest.

The Egg Style Chair comes in a variety of colors, from the standard black, red, grey, and blue to more funky choices like orange, pink, and emerald green. Whatever your decor, there is a color for your room, whether you want to blend your egg chair in with your other furniture or use it as an eye-catching pop of color.

A polished chrome stand holding a fiberglass shell covered in Cashmere fabric

Measures (Height, Width, Depth)
100 x 83 x 50 cm