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Kubus Hoffmann Style Leather 2 Seat Sofa

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Now this is a sofa! There is nothing remotely half-hearted about Hoffman’s Kubus design. It’s big, bold and exquisitely comfy. And crucially, it’s got the balance just right, so you can relax into it without getting lost in it! Our faithful reproduction of the Kubus 2 Seat Sofa shows just how far ahead of his time Hoffman was. A century old and this sofa still feels fresh and new. The cube style is a great hit with modem homeowners who want something with clean lines and chic structure to embellish their homes and living rooms.

The Kubus range includes Arm Chair, 2 seat 'Loveseat' and 3 seat full sofa.


The Kubus sofa is made entirely of full Italian leather throughout

Measurements (height, width, depth)

74 x 140 x 82 cm